Board 7 (CLOSED: Nov 20, 3:30 PM CST)   

Broadcast and Web Package


Includes a one week package - 15 broadcast 60-second announcements, 15 iheart radio 60-second announcements, home page takeover day of or day prior to event. Choice of any one station and its website,... More

CLOSED: Nov 20, 3:30 PM CST

Focus Mid-South Advertising


One half-page, full-color ad in Focus Mid-South, the area's premier LGBT + allies publication. Expires 5/31/18... More

CLOSED: Nov 20, 3:30 PM CST

Something Rotten! Marquee Ad


One half page, black and white ad in the Orpheum's Something Rotten! marquee, April 10-15, 2018... More

CLOSED: Nov 20, 3:30 PM CST

10 Transit Shelter Advertisements for Four Weeks


Certificate entitles the bidder to ten general market 4 X 6 back-lit transit shelter ads for 1-4 week period. During these four weeks your ads will generate over 2.7 million impressions. The four week... More

CLOSED: Nov 20, 3:30 PM CST

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